Monday, February 28, 2011

Corruption, Black Money and Government Efforts

The extensive coverage on corruption, black money and various scams has forced the Indian Government and politicians to at least talk about it. About 70 lakh crores in foreign banks and about 10 - 15 lakh crores being generated fresh every year in a country whose GDP is of the order of 70 lakh crores is simply mind boggling to the suffering millions of this country and what can be achieved if it is tackled effectively is equally mind rattling.
Does it mean something to government of the country or for that matter to any politician of the country? After all these figures have not grown to this magnitude overnight but are a result of sheer complacence on the part of government after government during the last 50 years or so.If these people in politics and in power were really serious about this matter they would not only be thinking in terms individual scams. For howsoever big these scams or corruption cases may be, their sum total will be a small fraction of total annual generation of black money through corruption. But those in power and those waiting to be in power keep their activity limited to maligning each other and scoring brownie points only, for they are wise enough not to do something on the real issue of large scale corruption involving and affecting millions of people of this country that can jeopardise their own interests. None of these persons can talk in terms of moral ethics for they subscribe totally to professional ethics as moral ethics have little value for them. What else we can expect from them as a large chunk of them is from legal profession where for the sake of professional ethics moral ethics have to take a back seat. They are trained to do their best to find loopholes both legal and circumstantial which can win the case for their client irrespective of the real facts of the case.