Thursday, May 12, 2011

Energy Security:Clean Energy Technologies : The Best Place To Be In

US President Barack Obama wants America to stay way ahead in the global race for clean energy innovation and wants his country to make sure that the new technological breakthroughs do not take place in countries like China and India. Such is the importance of wind, solar and other renewable energy sources and the growing realization across the world that clean energy technology is the way to future as it is going to help spur job creation and economic growth for years to come.
Surprisingly these lines and thought process of the Head of the super economic power of this globe do not cut any ice with Indian leaders and technocrats. For some strange reason and logic they only want to ensure Obama's wish and vision by buying from US and France nuclear power plants for trillions of dollars so that these nations have enough funds in their kitty to spend on research, technology development and creation of relevant industrial infrastructure to remain technology world leaders for future also.
Let us spend all the money meant to be spent on our nuclear energy program i.e. a sum of 9.6*10^12 i.e.  1.0 million crore rupees for 20000 mwatt of nuclear power to be added in the next decade or so. Cost includes  measures for waste management, disaster compensation insurance and stringent safety norms likely to be imposed in the light of Japanese disaster. In comparison 200000 mwatt of wind/hydro or 60000 mwatt of solar power can be installed at the same cost. On the top of it  environment issues,  security hazards and risks, disaster possibility and above all dependence for fuel on other countries will no more be issues of any concern. Let us give opportunity to our research labs, our engineering giants and i am convinced that we will add much more power in the coming decade and huge financial and opportunity inputs in these renewable energy technologies will catapult India to be the world leader in these fields.