Thursday, December 1, 2011


The decision of government of India to allow FDI in retail business has been the focus of so much of commotion inside and outside parliament. Whereas the government is certainly to be blamed for the timing of the decision particularly when more pressing and rewarding issues like fight against corruption, graft and black money, setting our electric power generation industry in order and increasing the pace of infrastructure development which need immediate attention. The opposition parties are just playing petty politics for short term gains and nailing the government with larger ulterior motives by instigating their vote banks with half baked truths. Interestingly the main opposition i.e. BJP was the original exponent of the idea of FDI in retail in India as early as the year 2000.
To day's call for keeping all shops and Kirana stores closed by various unions is motivated by reasons known to them only, for their businesses have not suffered in metros where large retail stores are already existing and are selling goods at substantial discounts to maximum retail price mentioned on these goods. The politicians who have taken up their cause have never raised an eyebrow on avoidance of various government taxes by this sector and its huge contribution to the black money generation. They have never taken up the issue of the wages, working conditions and benefits that are the right of all employees working in these stores. Their concern for workers and nation are simply deplorable.
To day Anna Hazare, a highly respected Gandhian leader who has taken up the issue of corruption in India on his shoulders and awakened the Indian masses for a war against corruption, has also jumped into the fray with  his objections to FDI which are out of sync with the modern concepts of globalisation.