Sunday, December 25, 2011

UPA Economic Reforms : End of an Era?

The economic reforms in India were started by Dr Manmohan Singh in 1991 when he was the finance minister of India. The same were carried forward by NDA under the leadership of AB Vajpai. Ironically now the UPA under the leadership of Dr Manmohan Singh (the man known as the father of the economic reforms in present day India), has failed to undertake any worthwhile economic reforms. Worst of all, UPA I and UPA II have been mired with large scale corruption starting from grass root level to large scams involving a vast majority of the Indian executive including political executive.
The scale of corruption and the helplessness or more appropriately the unwillingness on the part of government and powerful and mighty class of India to check or kerb it is taking the country to dogs. High corruption along with lack of willingness and ability to give good governance has put the development of the country on the back seat. Additionally, it has given a big opportunity to the 'true blood sucking politicians' who only believe in some vote catching phrases, slogans and policies to strengthen their cronies, stooges and party cadres which help them in garnering votes during elections.
The economic reformists have been pushed to the background and forced to resort to telling the Indian public that the global economic scenario is bad and we are facing a global slowdown. The statesmen among the lowly  politicians of India should realise that the opportunity of changing the economic order and destiny of a country is at its best when others are facing difficulties because of some political events affecting our globe or their own bad governance.s Hopefully the Indian polity and government realise it sooner than later that "A fundamental change in governance of the country is the key to all other changes" and the mitigation of corruption and black money is an absolute must to make use of this unique opportunity that has come India's way as a result of global economic miseries.All that is desired out of our polity is some sincerity and honesty of purpose in kerbing corruption, tax avoidance and unearthing huge black money available within the country as also outside the country.