Thursday, March 8, 2012


                                               MAJORITY In INDIA Is CORRUPT: 
                                A VAST MAJORITY Of  BUREAUCRACY Is CORRUPT:

There was a lot of hue and cry raised by the Indian polity when Arvind Kejriwal said that most of the People's representatives are corrupt and many of them are criminals and involved in multitude of criminal cases. Did he say something that was not a fact? Perhaps yes when one thinks in the light of the current Indian definitions or perspective of Indian nation for the following:
  • CHARACTER: Only includes one's attitude and behaviour and malicious actions towards women and the virtues like honesty, truth, sincerity to the nation etc. are far removed from the definition of character.
  • CORRUPTION: Only includes bribe taking and pocketing money for self and family.
Surprisingly, it does not include enabling others to make money for the political party, frittering away tax payers money in the form of doles and freebies to garner votes to ensure power, discretionary dereliction of duty by allowing your stooges and cronies to amass wealth in return for votes and monetary support during elections and above all engaging in programmes with methodologies wherein 75% of budgeted allocations don't even reach the target group as per the polity's own admissions from time to time, the hidden agenda is for any body to guess.
When every action of the polity is motivated by one or more of the above considerations in the name of Good Politics one can judge for himself the observations and assertions made by Kejriwal on Indian Polity. The polity needs to answer a few more observations by a common citizen of the country.
Why do bulk transfers take place every year?
Why Group I and II officers are kicked around from one place to the other and from one seat to the other every now and then?
Why have discretions and discretionary quotas in administration?
Why do we have bad governance?
Why no concrete administrative steps are taken to do something to mitigate corruption, black money generation and its consumption in India?
Why tainted people are given party tickets for election to Assemblies and Parliament?
If the collective wisdom of our polity cannot answer these questions, more and more such assertions will come in the public domain.