Friday, July 20, 2012

Energy Security - Some Guiding Principles

Every nation on this globe is clamouring to find a solution to the problem of energy security and there cannot be a universal solution for every country. The solution has to be country specific depending upon the availability of energy source reserves and its aspirations of becoming only prosperous or catapulting itself to a new economic superpower.
  • Energy sources such as coal, oil, gas, uranium, solar energy, wind and hydroelectric potential etc. etc. and a solution has to be based on the right kind of mix of these energies. A country that does not have abundant coal or oil reserves or Uranium fuel cannot and should not base its energy security around power from these as it will always be exposed to economic and political blackmail.
  • Every country must aim at making use of its own technology strengths in the first place and look for solutions which will have least dependence on the technology provider for plant operation, repair, maintenance, fuel replacements and ultimately replacement capacities.
  • No environmental hazard, no catastrophical accident hazard, no extraordinary security provisions against theft, terrorist attack and blackmail, no major issues like waste disposal and dismantling of old plants.
  • The source reservoir should preferably be unlimited and there for all times to come.
Arab world has gained prosperity but is nowhere near to the status of an economic superpower. At best it can be said to be the super consumer of technology products of western world and will keep on sustaining the superpower status of these countries. The next wave of developmental economic activity on this globe is likely to take place in poor African and Asian countries who will realise their dreams on the strength of being rich in fuel and other natural resources. These countries are likely to be denied nuclear power and coal based power additions are likely to be curtailed because of carbon emissions. So the countries strong in power technologies from all renewable energy sources are going to gain tremendously.