Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Indian government is bogged down by complete policy paralysis as far as economic decisions are concerned because it always wants to play with the public sentiment and vote catching rhetoric.It conveniently turns a blind eye to desirable executive decisions because these decisions hinge upon corruption mitigation and efficient governance which Indian polity in general can ill afford to undertake because it closes so many avenues of the so called economic empowerment plank which gives them a loyal set of cronies and stooges who ensure votes for them through their influence and vote buying abilities.
A few decisions which the government is boasting about to be path breaking for the up lifting of general masses only smack of their effort of  vote catching alone. No doubt what is proposed in these decisions is very catchy but the way it is proposed to be carried out is in fact against the progress of the country and provides a great fill up to the corrupt governance being provided by these blood sucking tics honourably called politicians.
  • Right to education: A bill has been passed without even a single additional education seat being added anywhere in the country. The only much touted decision of reservation of seats in the existing schools for the poor of the country confirms to the age old adage  'rob Peter to pay Paul' as no seats were lying vacant in any of the schools and the overall educated bank of the country remains the same.In 60 plus years of ineffective and poor result yielding policies, these guys have failed to learn their lessons that bringing in prosperity through redistribution of wealth, resources,  amenities  and other assets of the nation is not the solution to the miseries of 1 billion plus suffering Indians. They are still continuing with their vote catching pill and fooling the voters. 
  • Food Security Bill: Another much touted legislative action with all good intentions on paper but with a horrendous hidden agenda of reaping the benefits of gross mismanagement of procurement, distribution, getting one's name in the list of beneficiaries, addition of fictitious beneficiaries and no provision for revisions in these lists of beneficiaries. Assuming that India grows at 6.5% plus can it ever happen that majority of beneficiaries will be out of this list. No; with India's record of governance motivated by corruption and considerations other than the merit of the case, and political compulsions of the government of the day, these systems will become the never ending drag on the Indian economics as the earlier Ration Card Scheme ( wherein 75% of heavily subsidised kerosene, subsidy element of about Rs30000 crore and 70 % of food subsidy is lost in administrative costs, thefts and pilferages etc) and other subsidies like diesel, cooking gas.