Wednesday, August 8, 2012


First it was subsidised food, subsidised fuel, then bicycles and television sets as doles to the Below Poverty Line families and now a mobile phone as the basic need for the very existence of these families. All that for no contribution to to the National Exchequer, the only perquisite is the associated  vote which the total polity of the country is clamouring for.
It only shows how much this government cares for the poor. It can think in terms of spending an additional  Rs 7000 crores on doles and freebies at a time when Indian economy is in real doldrums and is riddled with problems of high inflation, high fiscal and current account deficits. All for the votes.This is dirty politics at its very best and is the Indian reality. These politicians who claim to be so concerned about the common man will not give him education, housing, drinking water, electricity, medical facilities/ cover, work and adequate earning power so that his lot can improve in the real sense and he can emerge as a citizen with self respect and pride.
Anyway one can hope that the scale of freebies will keep on growing along with  India's growing economy, the have nots can expect a car to be doled out to them by the year 2040 without having to do something for the country as Indian politicians are so considerate and committed to the cause of alleviating their miseries. The politicians are incapable of taking any decision for the good of the nation and can only think of squandering national earnings on non productive and economy laming/crippling doles and freebies for keeping themselves in power.