Sunday, November 11, 2012


Energy security is the most pressing need of all the nations on this globe and the debate on various options available has been going on for the last few decades. Any energy source that qualifies as the ideal viable energy security option must fulfill the following conditions.
  • The first and foremost requirement of a viable energy security solution is that it should be a clean source  capable of producing energy in a clean manner without any contribution to the biggest worry of  global warming.
  •  The source must be eternal and have the capacity to last for thousands of years so that the researches and technology development efforts can lead to an eternally valid solution like the invention of wheel. 
  • All processes involved in utilising an energy source for producing energy right from mineral stage to fuel extraction, power plant wastes and spent fuel disposal should be absolutely safe for humanity. In addition there should be zero chance of catastrophic accidents.
A quick simple analysis ( requiring no rocket science knowledge ) of all available energy sources within the framework of conditions cited above leads to the renewable energy sources as the only answer to the problem of energy security. The global efforts, time, money and resources need not be spent in a zigzag haphazard manner to cater to the whims, fancies and vested interests of leaders, industry cartels and powerful lobbies. The wisdom of humanity and ultimate welfare lies in taking the shortest straightforward route to taming of nature's gifts of sun, wind, ocean, river and geothermal energies for its energy security.