Monday, December 24, 2012


It is a widely acknowledged fact that the nation is suffering in its war against corruption, black money, and maintaining law and order because of inadequate manpower for tax enforcement, police department, investigation agencies and judiciary. This invariably results in  cases related to all streams lingering on for decades. Punishing perpetrators of these crimes within a reasonable time frame has so far remained a mirage. Thanks to the priorities of the rulers of the country in spite of the fact that the government is aware of this fact, whole of the polity of the country knows this, the citizenry of the country have been clamoring to have an effective system in place for quite some time.
In recent times, a lot of  cases about rapes and gang rapes have been reported from different parts of the country. In fact a rape crime takes place every 20 minutes in this country. It is a well known fact that majority of the cases go unreported because of social stigma that falls on the victim. There is a lot of anger among the public over the insensitivity on the part of government over an issue that affects all members of Indian society. The protesters and all the well meaning citizens of the country are demanding justice for the victim in the quickest possible time as also necessary government measures so that such occurrences do not happen time and again. The deterrence has to come from

  • An awe striking  punishment delivered quickly. Indian government promises to set up fast track courts for such ghastly crimes but when. As it is the judiciary seems to be suffering from inadequacy of numbers in its ranks which is further accentuated by governments apathy towards filling in over 300 judges' posts lying vacant in High Courts. This is a little over 33% of the sanctioned strength of all the high courts. No wonder that Delhi high court alone has 61000 pending cases out of which 30% are pending for more than five years. The nation's requirement is enhancement of judiciary vacancies at all levels and it appears the polity's goal is exactly opposite of that. Is it their insensitivity to the cause of good of the nation and its common citizens or simple callousness or a simple ulterior motive of waiting for finding suitable candidates from within their near and dear ones committed to them personally or worst still their desire to allow all cases to linger for decades so that their innumerable brethren in polity who are booked for economic and criminal offences to continue as legislatures in the interest of their continuing in power.
  • The alertness and effectiveness of police force. Here too a large number of unfilled vacancies for reasons best known to these rulers with about 20% of Indian police force is only on paper. This is further complicated by the fact that very large contingents are deployed for VIP security, much in excess of the sanctioned numbers which are as it is bloated to cater for the whims and fancies of these VIPs rather than being need based.
In this given scenario, the intent of the government at the centre and the states leave a lot be desired and perhaps the Indian citizen has to be satisfied only with lip service unless and until some drastic changes are forced upon the present day polity and rulers. After all they are the servants of the people and not their masters as is their thinking at the moment.