Friday, January 18, 2013


Alleviation of poverty has been the biggest concern and vote catching slogan in one form or the other right from the day India became independent and embraced democracy. With all the planning for growth, it could manage to achieve some success towards industrialization in all sectors but the demon of poverty has stayed on for a vast majority of Indian masses. So much so that even the elementary basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, drinking water, medical care, education etc. have eluded our masses after 65 years of independence and planning of economy.It is definite that Indian governments and planners have gone wrong somewhere.
A cursory analysis of ground realities points out to

  • Inflation and rupee devaluation as the main culprit whereby the wages/earnings have not grown in the real terms. In fact gold prices have risen more than 600 times, car prices have risen more than 120 times, majority of food items prices have risen by more than 100 times, petrol prices have risen by more than 100 times and the prices of a house or shelter may have risen by a whopping 1000 times. In comparison the salaries have risen by 50 to 60 times even in the best of the organized sector. In fact in India about 90% of the workforce is in the unorganized sector and their wages have risen by only about 35-40 times.So in India every worker is getting poorer day by day and the only class that is gaining is the people who thrive on corruption, tax evasion and black money.
The only way forward is to rein in inflation, rupee devaluation  and corruption,tax evasion and black money if poverty alleviation has to be the main plank of our development model.But who is going to bell the cat? The big guzzlers and creators of corruption and black money and corruption and black money centres are known to every one and more to the people who are seen on the media channels day in and day out scoring brownie points over each other. Incidentally all these guys who are the spokesperson of one political party or the other are mostly from the legal profession and belong to business hubs of metropolitan cities and there cannot be anyone better than them to know about the centres of corruption and black money. But for some strange reason known only to them they either choose to keep quite over this matter of great importance to the country or engage each other in shadow boxing without aiming to produce some meaningful results.
Next to reining in inflation and black money Indian politicians must exhibit some far sight and vision to be in the reckoning for the next global economic superpower and not miss this god sent opportunity which is unfolding as the world realizes the need to shift from twentieth century energy sources. The country needs some out of the box solution to its transport needs, power needs. The solutions have to be found in anything other than all fuel based technologies. In a big and vast country like India, electricity has to be provided to remote dwellings, villages small and remote and industry if country sincerely wants to alleviate poverty at an early date. Let wisdom and national interest prevail on Indian politicians and nuclear technocrat lobby so that India does not fall prey to US and French interests and in the bargain lose its chance of leading the world in the transition to renewable energy solutions. Let India make best use of our being backward in per capita consumption of energy. It is a fact that US, Europe and China will not add or replace 8,00,000 MW which India is planning to add during the next decade and a half. It has the opportunity of fine tuning wind and solar energy technologies and cut down their costs through development of large scale manufacturing facilities without having to bother about its earlier investments in any energy field becoming redundant and superfluous (excerpts from ).