Tuesday, February 26, 2013

INDIA CALLING OR CRYING: INDIAN BUDGETS NOTHING BUT A SHOWOFF OF VERBOSITY ...Indian masses have seen budgets being presented and passed every year and it is always the same old story of high sounding words with little of any substance being meant. The government and the treasury benches are always gaga over whatever is presented and the nation has witnessed it every year. The opposition concentrates on mud slinging. We have seen these slanging matches time and again, year after year and surprisingly the goons and buffoons of Indian polity have been successful in maintaining their status of rulers in spite of their failing to change the lot of the common man or the country.
The railway budget presented in the Indian Parliament today seemed to be a mere exercise of audit of accounts of the year that has gone by and projections of expenditure for the coming year. It is a well known fact, known to every individual citizen of the country including most of the politicians that infrastructure is the most important next gen growth engine of Indian economy but still somehow or the other no real push was given to the railway