Sunday, February 17, 2013


Every day, the Indian scene is jolted by one scam or the other and surprisingly the polity and rulers of the country will appear on the media to convince the gullible Indian citizenry that there is nothing wrong in the country and the whole matter is nothing but an attempt of casting aspersions on Indian rulers who are all saints. These shameless guys pretend to be unaware of the reality of Indian nation when every hapless common citizen of the country is aware of the fact that nothing, I dare say nothing, including getting an audience with an officer to getting payments for the jobs done or material supplied to the government fructifies without resorting to a bribe in cash or kind.
There was a time when one could think that India being bestowed the epithet of A Land of Scams was perhaps a little too harsh but today with more and more scams emerging and the couldn't care less attitude of the rulers one is left with no option but to accept this harsh reality. India is perhaps the only country on this globe where being corrupt is an asset for success in life in any sphere and politics being no exception. If it weren't so, India will not have 40% Parliamentarians and legislators with not only dubious and shady records but criminal and economic offence cases pending against them. The others are guilty of camouflaging/ ignoring such malicious activities of their esteemed colleagues for the attaining and retaining