Monday, July 8, 2013


What a big ask for a country on the threshold of becoming an economic global super power? Sixty five years after independence and still election after election the basic agenda is 'Garibi Hatao', 'Roti, Kapda, aur Makan', Clean drinking water and clean living environment, basic healthcare, basic education, unemployment etc etc and the unending list goes on and on. The biggest achievement of India's so called sincere and honest polity over these decades have been that they have managed to retain all these bare essentials/needs of human living/existence as burning problems of the Indian nation. The helpless millions are left with no choice or alternative but to accept small freebies/doles/ bribes out of national wealth or the illegally earned heaps of wealth of the political masters, their cronies, near and dear ones and those who subscribe to the principle of  "you scratch my back, I will scratch yours". In return for these crumbs, these millions through their valuable vote offer power to these leeches, the leeches who are solely surviving on their blood sucking prowess, a prowess to fool the nation of billion plus citizens into accepting prosperity of a chosen few as willed by God or destiny.
Sisters and brothers of India, whether from villages or cities, from  any religion, caste or creed,rich or poor, this is not the truth. You are born in a country which has been endowed by nature with all the riches except sincere and honest rulers. Indian rulers are working overtime for enhancing the tenures of their tryst with prosperity and power wielding through manipulations of vote dynamics in the name of divisive rhetoric of cast, creed, religion etc..
These politicians have been boastfully talking about the reservations for dalits (SC's), scheduled tribes (ST's), other backward classes (OBC's) and reaping rich dividends in the form of prosperity and power for their cronies and relatives at the expense of even your basic needs of bare existence. Did the constitution mandate that welfare of the poor will be limited only to a couple of thousand  jobs per year in the government sector. At this rate the exploitation and injustice meted out to the poor and deprived classes for thousands of years will be mitigated perhaps in tens of thousands of years. It is strange that all politicians of this country irrespective of their caste, creed or religion are firm believers of this exploitation and have kept self, self interests and all baser instincts of humanity much ahead of the nation and its teeming helpless millions.
How long will you let yourselves be subject to this exploitation  and allow yourselves be bled to near non human existence. Don't be taken in by any of the tricks of politicians, for end of corrupt people  and corruption will be the end of your poverty and miseries. It is a war between your existence and their existence. Your poverty is a direct result of  corruption  by  those in authority and power. And this is something no politician of India seems to be concerned about. That is why

  •  No LOK PAL, 
  • No action against Black Money Generation, 
  • Nothing to stop Graft, Bribe and corruption, 
  • Non applicability of Right to information (RTI) to political parties, 
  • Objections to any institution asking for accountability of actions of the polity such as Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) and Judiciary.
  • Government Stranglehold on the investigating agencies 
After all they are wise enough not to do Kalidasa act of cutting the same branch of tree on which they have been prospering and will continue to prosper for all their future generations. Corruption and corrupt practices are the sole lifeline of their very existence in politics and their capability of ruling India. So work hard in all earnest to cut this lifeline of politicians. It requires no gun, no sword.  Democracy has given you the right to achieve this just by giving your vote to the right man, the man who will utilise country's wealth for bringing in growth and prosperity  through more jobs, better wages, improved living conditions, providing basic healthcare and education to impart value addition to your earning power in a time bound manner rather than converting you into beggars and slaves by giving doles, freebies and subsidies in the same manner as was provided by the old feudal lords to maintain their status of masters vis a vis slaves for centuries.