Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Rooftop solar has the potential of growing into the biggest industry in the world and can be termed as the idea of the megaannum, a harbinger of inclusive growth and an idea with ultimate contribution to the cause of humanity as much as that of invention of wheel.
Rooftop solar accounts for 1.6% to the national electricity in Australia, the world's largest producer of uranium fuel and a nation with zero nuclear power on its soil. And that too when 0.7 million of the total 8 million households have adopted rooftop solar. A country with a population of 23 million is on its way to have 10000 Megawatt of solar power as early as 2017 and a major portion will come from rooftop and residential sector. Similarly Brazil with a population of 200 million is aiming to have 1400 Megawatt of rooftop solar by 2022, up from about 11 megawatt this year.In fact all the countries on our globe are concentrating on solar power in a big way as they are realizing the benefits of energy security through clean renewables
If this is the quantum of rooftop solar these small nations are looking to build up in the near future, one can see what it can do to the fate of humanity in countries like India and China, each with a population of 1 billion plus.In these countries the electricity generation potential of residential roof top is colossal, of the order of thousand Gigawatts. Add to this the total rooftop available, one could easily reach a figure of 4-5 Gigawatts. Imagine when every household is a power producer and achieves self sufficiency in its electricity needs, how much it will add to the prosperity of individual as well as that of the nation. Together with other advantages of clean energy, the very thought is simply irresistible and rooftop solar juggernaut is simply unstoppable.
With each passing day the reduced costs of solar energy installations, better efficiency of solar films and revolutionizing the energy storage solutions along with the fact that humanity won't have to look beyond solar for all times to come, make the urge to adopt solar in general and rooftop in particular a very compelling option for all nations.