Sunday, August 10, 2014


The story of nuclear energy as a dirty and one of the most undesirable source for realising energy security is apparent to one and all of the well meaning citizenry of our globe. Yet in today's world there are nations selling this technology and there are nations willing to buy this technology which is not in sync with the 21st century energy scenario and is almost under obsolescence.Every now and then we come across reports that nuclear is generating less of world's power and renewables are accelerating. But strangely the thrust towards renewables is languishing in spite of the realisation that the eternal solution to energy security lies in harnessing the renewable sources.
The world must shift to solar and wind power rapidly to avoid catastrophic global warming, say UN scientists in a major report. At the same time frequent news items/assessments by the nuclear mafia comprising of polity, industrial cartels, and technical/scientific groups with their own ulterior motives and vested interests keep on writing that nuclear power is absolutely necessary for providing energy security to mankind on our globe. The exponents of nuclear power base their logic on the fact that it is a clean energy and is an absolute must for controlling global warming. No doubt it is clean when it comes to carbon emissions of nuclear power plant during production of power. Factually the much touted clean nuclear power results in up to 25 times more carbon emissions than wind energy when reactor construction and uranium refining and transport are considered. When the problems of fuel processing are taken into account, Nuclear fuels are a curse on humanity from the stage of ore to fuel elements to waste.
  • The nuclear technology masters have put in enormous money into the basic researches, plant engineering, creation of technology infrastructure etc. etc. and they will be guided by the urge to milk these investments at all costs, by all means, fair or foul. Their economy and status of economic superpower is far too dependent on the nuclear activity around this globe and the only way to sustain this is through sales gimmicks, decrying renewables and withholding basic facts about the need to go in solely for renewables. 
  • Nuclear power plants give the technology providers an all time stranglehold on buyers from mineral rich African and South American countries because of  the necessity to get timely fuel and spares and the disposal of spent fuel. As if that were not enough, even after the useful life of the plant the stranglehold continues for requirements of decommissioning and dismantling. In fact decommissioning is extremely intricate and expensive. 
  • Surprisingly no new nuclear plants have come up on their soils during the last forty years or so and in fact they are trying to reduce the contributions of nuclear power, the so called panacea of all energy security requirements. Recently French President Francois Hollande unveiled $13.4 billion energy plans and spelt out plans to reduce its reliance on nuclear power from 75% to 50%. Though while selling nuclear power plants it is said that atomic power is the best, cheapest, safest and cleanest solution to energy security.
Now a word about the motivation or compulsion of prospective buyers. Today hardly any nation wants to buy a nuclear power plant for the sake of power. Either it is being forced into buying in lieu of a barter of investments in other areas or it has some hidden agenda or sinister designs.The recent quest of Iran building four new nuclear power plants is a typical case in point. All buyers want to have an access to the nuclear fuel ultimately to become a full fledged nuclear nation or adding on its capacity to hold this world to ransom through dirty bombs.