Tuesday, February 10, 2015


During the last five decades all people (who were sincere and honest to the nation and country and not to any boss, chair or party to fulfill their desires through nondubious and noncorrupt means) talked in their drawing rooms that this country can progress to prosperity only when a revolution takes place, a revolution by the silent hapless billion plus people of this land against all efforts of the ruling polity and bureaucracy to fool them, to loot them.

Even today as I write this a big debate is going on on all media channels wherein all the national spokes persons of all the established parties are attributing Aam Aadmi Party's win and Bhartiya Janta Party's loss to the secular credentials of one and Hindutava agenda of the latter. But let us understand that no revolution in the history of mankind has occurred with religious agenda. In fact all revolutions have taken place as a war between haves and havenots because haves have always thrived and made merry on power, authority, corruption and loots..Still they do not want to take cognizance of the fact that that it is the awareness and recognition of the plain and simple reality of today's India described in words below
Sisters and brothers of India, whether from villages or cities, from any religion, caste or creed,rich or poor, don't be taken in by any of the tricks of politicians, for end of corrupt people  and corruption will be the end of your poverty and miseries.Your poverty is a direct result of  corruption  by  those in authority and power.
which is responsible for such a clean sweep in the latest Delhi elections. In fact it is the dawn of a new era, a watershed mandate in the Indian political history where the power of ballot has rejected the hitherto effective and accepted model of Indian politics wherein the vote banks could be purchased/ goaded/fooled by empowering a few henchmen/goons economically much in the same manner as Muslim rulers would make Nawabs and British rulers would make Rai Sahibs at the expense of common man's rights and dues. The new model mooted by Aam Aadmi Party expects the Indian rulers to work for the betterment of each and every individual rather than for a few favoured and chosen ones.