Indian Dreams

Talk to any Indian. He dreams to see India prosperous, mighty and a comfortable place to live in. This dream can just be realised in a decade if only the drags imposed by the system are taken care of by the government. We have abundance of agricultural resource, mining wealth, human resource, human intellect, finances etc., etc.. All that is needed is to channelize them properly.
We have seen the growth stories of ChinaJapan and Singapore, to name only a few. But the leaders and governments of these countries had the will to succeed and they have made best use of the resources rather than coming out with lame excuses and showing indifference to the problems faced by under developed nations. Mao Tse Tung saw two working hands of every new born child rather than the extra mouth to feed. Japanese and Singapore leaders laid priority on the human intellect and moral responsibilities of every citizen towards the nation resulting in innovations in the areas of technology and  manufacturing and strict tax compliance.
In India we talk only of problems. Problems like huge population, corruption, black money, lack of education, lack of finances etc. and the list goes on to defend our relative non performance in the last fifty years. Believe me whatever changes have occurred are the result of bare minimum measures like a bit of privatization and global necessity of shifting industry to areas of cheap labour. In fact there has been Zero Value Addition to the process of bettering the lot of suffering masses of our country by successive governments. If only these governments had put their might behind better tax collections, conquering the black money demon, concerted efforts towards improving education, infrastructure, healthcare needs of society etc. to name only a few, we would have been standing along with these developed nations by now.