Indian Reality

We are hearing of a lot of scams like Adarsh scam, 2G scam, CWG scam etc. wherein the powerful and mighty of the nation whether from politics, bureaucracy, armed forces or corporate sector seem to be involved. Such things do happen all over this globe once in a while but the system and authorities in those countries are sensitive to such issues and the guilty seldom go scot free.
The debates and discussions on TV channels highlight only the lack of concern on the part of ruling as well as the opposition parties.There is a constant effort to score brownie points over each other. There is never any mention of punishing those involved or devising methods for individuals to refrain from doing such disgraceful acts.We all know the greatest healer i.e. time will finally take over and all those in news in these scams will be adorning higher positions in the corridors of power.
Thus far about the sensitivity of the mighty of this land to these issues.It appears that these people do not belong to Indian society and appear to be coming some Ram Rajya nation where corruption, nepotism, favoritism and graft are unheard of. They very conveniently forget their days before coming to power when for small things either influence or greasing palms had to be resorted to. Perhaps they were lured into politics or bureaucracy for getting bigger share in this shameless loot.
There is a code of conduct for government officials. I have come across people being banned from getting a job with government. I have seen people losing their pensions after being guilty of not measuring up to the code of conduct. Has anything of this kind ever happened to men in public service. Are there any provisions like this?