Friday, August 26, 2011

The true colours of Indian polity

Lok Pal bill logjam has rocked entire India excepting the polity who are only playing  a game of chess or just doing shadow boxing. Every politician who counts in this country has been talking  that Anna's fast should end. Wise men, if you had even an iota of sincerity of purpose and honesty streak in you, you could have done something substantial during ten days of  his fast in parliament with all the good intentions you guys have been claiming to have to get his fast ended. Instead we had a stunningly weak bill introduced in the parliament, raised the normal political bogey of simultaneous murders of democracy, constitution of India, institute of parliament, social fibre of the country, even the integrity of the country etc. etc.. and finally that Lok Pal is not the panacea for eradication of corruption and it needs many more laws and enactments. In fact it appears that all these bogeys and wise talk is resorted to so that their right of colluding to and perpetuating the corrupt practices in this country is not taken away.
Gentlemen, nobody is against parliament, no disrespect to the institution but the leaders have collectively made a joke of themselves by safeguarding  personal and party interests by dillydallying even on the first small step towards having a corruption free India. You have to find ways and means of " How to do something and not how not to do it. " Even now nothing is lost , use all your discretion for once for something that is for the good of the country and its poor masses and save Anna for guidance on many other crucial matters of concern to poor and downtrodden of the country. You will be doing  great service to this country.