Tuesday, May 22, 2012


With no reforms on administrative, judicial, electoral as well as economic front in sight and no will to have an effective Lok Pal in the country all political parties have shown their priorities and policies of taking Indian masses for a ride. The Indian polity on the whole is collectively playing with the sentiments of people and fooling them. All parties are concerned only with not keeping the ball in their court. No body nails anyone in this game of collusion wherein they will take refuge behind political or economic agenda of their party so much so that corruption mitigation and war on corruption also has emerged as something that clashes with the political agenda of parties, religion and caste. All of them seem to be waiting only for 2014 general elections when they can manipulate maximum gain for themselves by extracting prized portfolios in cabinet, huge economic favour for their states etc. etc..
The only concern of UPA II seems to be as to how to manage the present government for another two years upto the next elections. The country and the economy can go to dogs who cares? After all it has been given a mandate to rule this country till 2014 and it is more inclined to live happily at the expense of public money without doing anything concrete or worthwhile to alleviate the miseries of the common man of the country. To stick to power it resorts to all kinds of political manipulations, succumbing to political blackmails and denying the country even the semblance of governance.
The only agenda of the government is to find out some slogan or some action that will be good enough to fool the poor hapless voter of the country to give them another term in power and to loot the country with their meaningless rhetoric, malafide intentions and governance motivated by corruption and corruption alone. In 2009 elections congress rode on the planks of  economic empowerment and inclusive growth knowing fully well that these programmes give corruption a big chance to thrive on. All those who matter in congress today have been witness to the notorious community development programme (now rechristened as inclusive growth) of  fifties , sixties and seventies of last century wherein some of their own leaders were candid enough to admit that 75% of the money designated for community development gets lost in corruption at various stages. When with about 50 years of rule in centre and various states, Congress party could not tackle the corruption and graft problem when 2 million employees and a couple of thousands of legislators then why go in for economic empowerment plank. The reason is simple enough to understand in the underlined message that we empower you to partake in national loot and you give us power to provide you with more and more of such wonderful opportunities. This time for 2014 elections UPA bosses have pinned their hopes on food security bill with no mention of any time limit or provisions of revision list of needy. It will be implemented in the same shoddy manner like old ration cards where many millionaires find their names for use of subsidies.As far as reforms are concerned which can transform the economy and condition of masses, a carrot has been shown to Indian masses through the mouthpiece of the government by saying that reforms will pick up only after 2014 when they are returned to power to enjoy life at the cost of public money.
Let the polity of the country understand that with least sincerity and willingness to do anything worthwhile for the country, country's voter is going to give fractured verdicts for national parties because it has realised that to squeeze the maximum out of union government for benefit of the states, blackmail is the only thing that works.