Friday, July 20, 2012

Bring back black money to help economy, not FDI: Baba Ramdev
NAGPUR: Yoga guru-turned-social activist Baba Ramdev believes that the country's sagging economy would not need any foreign direct investment (FDI) if black money deposited in foreign banks is brought back. Ramdev was in the city on Monday as part of a countrywide tour to gather support for his agitation starting on August 9 in the capital.
"Our agitation is for bringing back black money stashed abroad, for having a strong Lokpal bill and also to help people at large develop a strong character that is needed for an overall change in the system. US President Barack Obama has been advocating FDI in India but our economic condition is certainly not his business. FDI will only help American companies and sadly even our prime minister sometimes speaks like a CEO of such companies," said Ramdev.