Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Statesmen think of next generation and create opportunities, Leaders Seize opportunities that come their way, while Politicians think of next elections and fritter away these opportunities and dirty politicians simply mess up everything.

65 long years have passed since India got independence and in spite of all the so called sincere efforts of politicians of different hues reigning in different parts of the country, we still have 500 million people living below subsistence level in terms of poverty, hunger and all basic amenities like drinking water, electricity, shelter, medical facilities etc. etc..All that one witnesses in  Mera Bharat Mahan is some action favouring one particular class of people, a class which thrives on corruption, bribery and graft, tax avoidance, sucking government exchequer through legal and illegal perks, discretions and allotments of  national resources like minerals, spectrum, land resources etc.. This class comprises of a vast majority of legislative executive, executive, political leaders small and big, businessmen of all stature. Surprisingly this is seen and felt by the general citizenry of the country in their daily lives but the rulers , the lawmakers, the enforcement agencies and anyone and everyone who matters in the governance of India very conveniently turns a blind eye to all these facts largely because they are the beneficiaries and in a few cases as passive onlookers.
In the light of all this, the poor Indian is left with only the Indian dream and his expectations  from the Indian polity, hoping against hopes that one day some miracle will happen and his plight will take a turn for the better.The common masses couldn't care less for the rhetoric of hi fi planning and economic governance, all that he wants is quick visible solution to his basic needs and necessities. And there can not be a better solution than corruption mitigation and leaving the path of corruption motivated governance.The poverty alleviation and ultimately prosperity will automatically follow and that happens to be the real Indian dream and expectations of Indian masses from Indian polity.We all understand that this is more than asking for the moon from the present generation of Indian rulers. If the political class of the country has an iota of concern for the nation and its hapless millions, let it take a few decisions governed and motivated solely by these two considerations rather than dirty political gains and scoring brownie points over political rivals. Political gains will accrue through positive actions also.
The choice lies with the suffering citizenry of India. Decide whether you want to live as beggars subsisting on doles and freebies provided by these rulers out of  your money or demand what is your right by taming these politicians and controlling their wrong doings.