Sunday, August 26, 2012


Corruption as the biggest malaise eating out Indian economy and delaying Indian march to prosperity, global leadership and the much deserving status of an economic superpower.It is only helping country's polity in ensuring their misrules, giving undesirable powers, show of obscene authority and access to all luxuries which are certainly not commensurate with the earnings of the country. During the last one year or so a lot of concerns have been raised about this corruption demon by all political parties, Anna Hazare and his team, Swami Ram Dev and his associates but the solution to three main issues, namely graft, black money and Lok Pal seems to be eluding the country or more appropriately the will, sincerity and intention is not there.
The country has seen the fate of crusade of Lok Pal Bill by Anna Hazare and his team. All politicians are internally one on this issue and are working with the sole aim of of not letting a powerful and effective Lok Pal emerge through their deeds and actions. The sane persons of the country will be fools to think that someone can goad this utterly clever and negatively motivated class of politicians to put their foot on a sharp axe blade in the form of a powerful Lok Pal or effective corruption mitigation measures. Similar fate awaits Ram Dev's crusade against black money. Indian reality of an insincere polity will always come in the way as  the polity is very clear about its aims and goals and will keep on playing politics over these issues of topmost importance to the nation.
There are non Congress governments in many states and if they were sincere and more inclined to combat the malaise of corruption, they would by now had their own Lok Ayukts (They did not want the Lok Pal Bill to dictate on matters of Lok Ayukt in the name of maintaining federal structure). But at the same time they expect their voters to believe that Indian states are powerless in fighting corruption in their own territories. They will neither initiate administrative measures nor come out with legislation for this all important matter but administrative actions and legislations are a routine when required for dirty political gains. After all for a common man corruption and bribery in the states is a much bigger irritant and may be almost 70% of the black money generated in the country annually comes either from the state level actions and laxities.
My countrymen, let us be clear that no party wants to work for your benefit. The government at the Centre can attribute its inability and helplessness because of compulsions of coalition government.But what excuse state governments have? They do not have the compulsions of coalition government. If the states are sincere and well meaning, more than 60% of the graft, bribe, corruption and black money can be tackled.. But nobody,be it Congress, BJP, Communists or a regional party will do it for their ability to rule thrives solely on corruption and corruption motivated governance.