Sunday, January 27, 2013


Solar energy is destined to play a very major role in the quest of energy security for all nations on this globe.For the man to harness this energy for the energy security, the most important thing is that our technologists and planners  have to get rid of mental block put on them by the classical concepts of energy production, transmission and  distribution. Solar is simple, keep it simple to retain its edge.
First of all, let us understand that solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy , coupled with the advantage of resource being free of cost, available with all nations and at the sites where energy is needed.    Wind is the other natural resource with the same pedigree. Solar and wind should therefore form the very basis of energy security of all nations of this globe, India being no exception. Solar has added advantages over all other Renewable clean energy sources also because of
  • Can be employed directly for heating requirements which incidentally have a huge demand. Or alternately it could be converted into electricity for household and industry uses.
  • All the world over, a vast majority of population and households are scattered remotely and can be served very well by the unique adaptability of solar energy technology to stand alone uses, micro and mini grid requirements without in any way compromising the economics of production. For irrigation purpose where the watering can be done during daytime or nighttime without jeopardizing anything, the solar energy is all the more cost effective.
  • Photo voltaic solar which should be the answer for all standalone uses as well as for micro and mini grid applications coupled with simple battery storage has a few unique advantages
  1.  very low maintenance, down times because power production technology has no moving parts and
  2. Low transmission and distribution losses and insignificant capital  investments in transmission infrastructure.

  • To a country like India where a massive power generation capacity is needed, total reliance and super thrust on renewable energy is a must for its becoming a global leader.  If we analyse the future demand of electricity in India, more than 50% of the total additions of 8,00,000 mw in the next decade or so will be used for covering the basic needs and providing a comfortable life to its billion plus citizenry mostly in villages and small towns. Recently the Indian government has rolled out a policy initiative on sun kissed settlements with a renewable energy addition of 30000 mw in the next 5 years. A lot more is desired and at a much faster pace and that will come only if we understand that ' Solar is simple and has to be kept simple to retain its edge'.