Friday, March 15, 2013

INDIA CALLING OR CRYING: INDIAN DEMOCRACY ON THE EDGE: There is hardly a day when India doesn't see a new scam getting unearthed and the irony of the nation is that it is always the rulers, powerful bureaucrats, relatives, cronies and touts of those close to power corridors who are the beneficiaries in all these shameful acts and the loot going on in our so called great nation, a nation claimed to be on the verge of becoming a global economic superpower in the next decade by these impudent  leaders who are devoid of any concern for the nation and its common man. The common man is continually seeking an answer to the following basic questions.

  • Why is it that my condition is getting worse with each passing day?
  • What am I getting in lieu of all the direct and indirect taxes paid by me?
  • Why is it that all those who get connected with politics in the name of service to the people and nation are getting richer day by day and are enjoying perks and facilities which are grossly disproportionate to the level of prosperity or poverty of the nation?
  • And above all  why am I being denied even the basic necessities of existence even after sixty five years of the so called planned economy of India?
The answer is plain and simple. Till such time India has rulers whose aims and priorities are limited only to making merry at the expense of tax payer/common man, to suck the national exchequer and the vast reserves of national resources for their sole benefit, to fool the voter with their high sounding vote catching slogans and rhetoric and working with the single point agenda of getting power and remaining in power by all kind of dirty practices, nothing can change in this country. The selfish polity and bureaucracy of India has very eagerly imbibed the main postulates of British philosophy of governance of foreign lands, namely,