Thursday, April 18, 2013


It was heartening to note that Indian government has finally seen  the reality of clean green energy and this was emphasized by none other than the Indian premier. While speaking at the fourth clean energy ministerial Indian Prime Minister pitches for subsidy to energize clean energy in the context of his opinion on the cost aspects of  power from new renewable energy sources in comparison to conventional fuel based energy sources. His assertions derive strength from the feed back from his experts which he has faithfully echoed . But as the head of the government of one billion plus and a visionary trying to catapult Indian march to prosperity he must understand that all scientific and technology experts also resist change just as any normal human being and additionally they tend to defend their expertise and technology for their own benefit and the benefit of their large following of scientists and technologists. Additionally he should have drawn his own conclusions in the light of the fact that so many global leaders and visionaries have embraced the renewable energy sources in a big way for ultimate energy security of their respective countries.
India is uniquely placed in this quest of energy security as it doesn't have to think that earlier investments will go down the drain as it has barely started its march towards this goal and our yearly addition requirements are much more than the replacement requirements of the developed world. Energy security through renewables is the only way ahead if India has to keep its date with the the great Indian dream of becoming world leaders.
India must think big and India must think with vision and far sight. Let India not follow the beaten path of energy requirement fulfillment as it came to mankind with the advancements of science, technology and material development. India must jump and skip some of the technologies to arrive at the ultimate goal of energy security. Gone are the days when big was beautiful and economic in Energy sector. Solar and wind power have the potential of revolutionizing this concept with their suitability and cost effectiveness in standalone, micro, mini and large grids. In the light of the fact that solar and wind are comparable if not cheaper when an all inclusive cost comparison including transmission /distribution losses and costs, logistics of raw materials, plant and grid maintenance and costs for reducing pollution and fighting global warming is made for cost to the consumer. Solar and wind power and are the only viable answers to the requirement of Energy Security not only for India but for almost all nations on our globe.