Monday, July 15, 2013


Corruption and black money menace has been the biggest stumbling block in the Indian march to the status of a global economic superpower and it is in fact corruption and corruption alone which is blowing away Indian dream of getting prosperous. This fact is very well known to all citizens of the country endowed with even an iota of common sense but somehow or the other has been escaping the attention of the ruling class because of their selfish hidden agenda, for

  • War against corruption is a war against their own prosperity
  • War against corruption is the first and last nail in the coffin of the polity's capability to win elections and grab power
  • War against corruption is perhaps the antidote to all the baser human instincts like wine, woman, money power, criminality etc which sadly form the foundations of governments and governing process in the country.
During the last few years some constitutional bodies like Election Commission, Comptroller and Auditor General and the Judiciary have taken upon themselves the task of cleansing the election process, legislature, governance and policy making much to the chagrin of rulers of the country who see these as means of transforming them into servants of people as envisaged in a democracy. They see in all these an end to  their illegally assumed role of masters of general masses and are resisting the change tooth and nail.
During the last few days, supreme court has announced two landmark judgments which can have a far reaching effect on the country's war against corruption. In the first judgment on Wednesday that could cleanse the Indian political system from criminal elements, the Supreme Court held that if a sitting member of either House of Parliament or a state legislature is convicted, the member would be immediately disqualified. And in the second delivered on Thursday, a person, who is in jail or in police custody, cannot contest election to legislative bodies, bringing to an end an era of under trial politicians fighting polls from behind bars.The court, however, made it clear that disqualification would not be applicable to person subjected to preventive detention under any law.
Though the decisions have been welcomed by the common man, the politicians of all hues gifted with their wonderful gift of gab and an extraordinary ability of resorting to all kinds of logic that can put an end to the cleansing process initiated by the above mentioned agencies. It is a pity that the polity and rulers instead of working for what is best for the country devote all their time, energy and wisdom on promoting everything that is harmful for the nation through political manipulations and distorted logic.The nation is always reminded by clever, wily and self centered Indian polity about the basic postulate of jurisprudence that let thousands of guilty men go free  but no innocent man should be imprisoned. And as per the ethics of polity these thousands of guilty men who simply went free for lack of evidence or some flimsy technical grounds are all entitled to most lucrative and rewarding positions in legislature and legislative executive. For these men who have been elected to rule the country, the word doubtful integrity has no meaning and is in fact as good as having integrity beyond doubt.