Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Come elections in India and it is a free for all in the shape of corrupt practices  to woo/buy voters and votes to grab power. The hoax of election promises comes into play right from the process of formulation of election manifesto which is an exercise of elucidating the ideals for becoming a model prosperous country as has been done in the directive principles of state policy in the constitution. There is neither a blue print provided nor a time frame given. And the irony is that election after election the masses are fed the same hogwash without any impact on the poverty and miseries of common man and the rulers are simply making merry, enjoying perks and power without any accountability. The polity tells you that they are accountable to the voters who can throw them out of power in subsequent elections if not satisfied. But is this justice of any kind? Can the nation not demand from its rulers and would be rulers to quantify every welfare measure along with a definite time frame and false and misleading promises should be termed as fraudulent practices.
A few of the master piece  vague promises in the election manifesto of all major national and regional parties.
Work for all, education for all, food for all, health security for all, drinking water for all, a house  for all and the results of 65 years of so called concerted and sincere efforts of country's polity are there for every body to see even in the case of providing basic needs of human existence. With this picture of reality,talking of prosperity, comforts and conveniences of life is simply criminal. Let polity refrain from talking in terms of absolute numbers. Instead let them inform the voter, the likely percentage  to benefit in next five years and the number of years required to cover whole of population. It is only then the voter can decide whether he wants to wait till eternity for even these basic needs or he wants a revolutionary approach to his basic problems.
After having set these vague goals to fool the hapless citizenry of the country, money power and muscle power come to the fore and invariably decide the fate of these elections. While giving cash or booze to allure the voter by the candidates/parties is considered a bribe or corrupt practice, election commission is finding it very hard to control this menace. But promising doles and freebies out of the state exchequer in the garb of policy has been going on unchecked all these years. Some recent examples listed below show that all political parties are game for this, though to an
                                                                                                                                     http://www.hindustantimes.com/Images/Popup/2013/7/06-07-pg1a.jpg  unbiased observer, this is nothing but a Ponzi scheme in a limited sense wherein payments/doles/freebies are offered to the voters from the exchequer, which is nothing but voters' own money. The supreme court taking an exception to this is a welcome step even though in its opinion, legally it can not be construed as corrupt practice under the Representation of People's Act. But all the same the apex court has taken cognizance of the fact that such actions shake the roots of free and fair elections to a great degree and has instructed Election Commission to frame necessary guidelines in this regard.