Monday, September 30, 2013


Ever since Rahul Gandhi blasted the ordinance on convicted legislators mooted by the coalition government headed by the congress party, the party headed by his mother and himself on 27th September, 2013, the political analysts of the country have been busy in analyzing the motive behind such a strong outburst. Strangely enough they are zeroing down to something that directly meets the eye and are confining their analysis to plain and simple calculations of the coming national elections in 2014.
But the motives behind such a strong blitz are far too deep. It is certainly not simple undermining the authority of the prime minister and his cabinet or a tussle of supremacy between the party/organization and government. It is the outcome of the war within the party, a war between the constituents that have leaning towards leftist and rightist policies. It is perhaps a result of internal policy rivalries and finding a direction for the national policies. Mrs Gandhi and Rahul feel strongly for the left of centre policies ( socialist and socialistic ) and appear to have reached a conclusion that the experimentation/flirtation with right of centre policies can be suspended. Additionally it is ripe time for putting the blame for all ills and failures of nine year misrule of UPA government on the government and start afresh after dumping some of its active old guard elements.
To an unbiased observer history seems to be repeating itself. There is a lot of similarity in the saga of 1969 split of the congress engineered by Rahul's grandmother wherein it was a battle royal between the rightists, mainly the old guard (controlling the party/ organisation)  and socialists/leftists in control of the government. Today again we have the same situation, though the rightists, champions of free economy are mainly part of government and old brigade and the socialists/leftists headed by Rahul Gandhi himself are in the party/organisation. The country still has more than six months to the next general election and it appears that Rahul & co will not have to struggle to attain ascendancy in the power corridors as the family has complete control over the organisation and there is no mass leader with pan India appeal in the government.