Sunday, October 13, 2013


The Indian general elections are scheduled for April- May 2014 and as usual all political parties are working overtime on their strategies to fool the voter to grab power for another five years to make merry at the cost of public exchequer and continue with their loot of the national wealth unabashedly. All leaders are well aware of the public disenchantment and disgust over the way this country has been ruled for the last sixty plus years and the manipulations of all these leaders in sucking the blood of  anemic/bloodless masses.
Earlier elections were fought and won on the capacity and capability of the leaders to malign their opponents, citing dangers to secularism,democracy, constitution and even the existence of the nation. To day it appears that these leaders have developed a realization that such rhetoric is not going to work 
It all started with Indian National Congress when they put all bad governance, failure on economic front including high inflation and failure to rein in corruption and black money on the government of the day. All high rhetoric people centric measures like Right to Information (RTI), Right to Education, Right to Food and National Rural Employment Guarantee Act ( The intentions and efficacy of these notwithstanding ) were attributed to the party/organisation or in short to Sonia Gandhi / Rahul Gandhi combine. To day Mulayam Singh Yadav, supremo of Samajwadi party put up a similar plea wherein he squarely put blame and failures on the party and made a desperate plea for not getting punished for the misdeeds/follies of his party's government in the state. Similarly Bhartiya Janta Party is doing the mockery of dumping some of the big names without doing anything worthwhile to set their house in perfect order. It is a known fact that no leader in this country has vanished into oblivion because of the misdeeds of bad governance, criminal activity or economic offence.
In fact the guys who wrote the script for the failures and inaction on all fronts of governance that could have changed the plight of billion plus Indians are trying to absolve themselves and are busy finding scapegoats to remain perched on the high pedestal of concern for the nation and its citizenry.