Friday, January 31, 2014


The Lok Sabha elections 2014 are a few months away and the total Indian polity is on full view at its best worst.At my age I have been a witness to all the general elections of independent India. As far as I recall, the first three elections witnessed some element of sacrifice and service to the nation ( nation implying both, the country and its people at large ) amongst the members who chose public life as a profession. As the years rolled by in the history of independent India, men with a taint of being corruptible at the very first opportunity started flocking in the glamorous world of politics. To start with these people will succumb to baser instinct of lust for power. It was tolerable though neither desirable nor acceptable.With passage of time, the other baser instincts of man, like wine, woman and money gained ascendancy over all the virtues of life and the members of polity started becoming a abhorred class for the silent majority of hapless sufferers of Indian citizenry.
It is not just for nothing that India still remains one of the poorest countries on this globe. The politicians howsoever hard they may shout about the progress made in sixty five years of independence cannot hide the basic fact that more than seventy five percent of population still needs to be provided almost free rations, rations not to give them a wholesome meal but to keep them breathing and existing as per medical terminology. In fact one keeps on wondering if India is progressing or regressing.
In this scenario of reality, a new perfect recipe for being a successful politician in India has been evolved and salient features of this recipe are as under:
  • Hone your skills to fool the masses by talking big, idealistic and talking in terms of solutions that may take ages to fructify.
  • Forget the country and its citizenry, think about yourself and yourself alone in all your deeds.
  • Never forget the old adage " Money makes the mare go ". So concentrate fully on gathering money for self, your near and dear ones, your stooges and cronies.
  • Natural resources and national wealth are meant to be plundered by mighty and powerful of the system. Let it happen unabashedly, for this plunder is the mainstay of party coffers and election funding which in turn are mainstay of your existence.
  • To cover up your own misdeeds, allow everyone in the state machinery to have a share of loot through corruption, graft and bribe.
  • And finally to ensure that the legal process never catches up with the offenders allow it remain painfully slow so that by the time law manages to take its course after a few decades, no evidence can remain fool proof or by that time the offender has bid good bye to this world after enjoying the fruits of his offence.
  • And lastly, always look concerned and caring for the plight of the nation and its citizenry but manipulate showing helplessness because of your political adversaries.