Friday, March 30, 2012


Army Chief and Arvind Kejriwal of Anna's team have been hogging the limelight in all national print and TV news media during the last week over their utterances on something of utmost concern to India namely the State of Defence Preparedness and Corruption Mitigation. In both matters, the polity and the government have miserably failed to address the core issues involved and have literally left India crying for honest and sincere concern on issues of such national importance. In fact they are guilty of wasting all their time and energy on peripheral and comparatively insignificant issues.

Army Chief has raised two major issues:
  • Cases of graft and bribe in defence procurements 
Surprising the whole of polity, bureaucracy and media has been talking about the timing of revelations, the motivation behind all this and what should be done to the general or the people named in these revelations. No body talks about the corruption malaise which is devouring this country's scarce economic resources and pulling back/ negating  its march to prosperity and rightful place as a global leader.
  • State of Defence preparedness in a letter to the prime minister
In a letter to the prime minister, the army chief has apprised him of the deficiencies in the country's inventory of defence hardware citing some critical equipments that are obsolete and the non availability of ammunition which cast a very gloomy picture on the defence preparedness of the country. Unluckily the letter got leaked to the media which no doubt is a very serious matter. In this case also the whole discussion and the worry is centred  around  the timing of the letter and its leak. The main  and  most critical  issue of deficiencies in the combat capabilities of India's armed forces is perhaps not worth demanding  any attention  of  our  patriotic polity.

Assertions on Indian Polity by Arvind Kejriwal

Ever since Team Anna has taken up the corruption mitigation  and Lok Pal Bill in particular, the Indian Polity  of all colours has been at war with Anna and other team members. Arvind Kejriwal recently criticized the approach taken by the Indian Polity in passing the Lok Pal Bill in the parliament and categorically stated that with so many leaders with dubious records it was foolish to expect from them any stringent measures to deal with corruption.Surprisingly the total polity irrespective of party affiliations has got united and blown this issue totally  disproportionally by saying that it is an attack on the institution of parliament, an attack on the democracy and an attack on the Indian constitution. The only other time the polity has got united is on matters related to their own perks and remunerations and wars with foreign countries. Otherwise in the total history of Indian democracy they have found no issue related to policy or governance worth uniting for the good of the nation or for the good of the masses. With insufficient, untrained and many a time motivated by hidden agenda government machinery, if the country has such large number of tainted polity, it is not incorrect to extrapolate that in actual there is a vast majority of who's who of India belonging to this category.
The concern of our polity towards the menace of corruption and its mitigation is amply clear from what is said during discussions on the floor of the house "Anna and his team want a strong Lok Pal Bill passed by us and at the same time they are criticizing us. How is it possible"? Clearly it is the wish of Anna and we will be obliging him by passing it in parliament .The functioning and thought process of our leaders as also their concern for the nation can be well understood.

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